Products from Logitek, Powered by Dante

Logitek – Helix TV

7″ touchscreens integrated into each module

6 to 36 motorized faders (in increments of 6)

Monitor module with 4 sub-master faders, 4 aux busses, monitor controls

2 master mix busses (one is 5.1/stereo, one is stereo only)

Frame delay, EQ, dynamics at every fader

24 mix minus buses

Interfaces to popular automation/workflow systems such as […]

Logitek – JetStream Plus

The JetStream Plus brings space savings and configuration flexibility to audio networking and routing, with 240 channels of I/O in only four rack units. Fifteen card slots allow customization of the number of analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs, microphone preamps, Dante® I/O, and insert points for connection of Dugan automixers. […]