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Lumens® Digital Optics Inc., a Pegatron Group company, is a leader in optical products. Lumens’ product offerings include HD and 4K PTZ cameras, auto-tracking and auto-framing cameras, media processors, IP transmitters and decoders and document cameras. Founded in 1998, the company was created by a team with a deep technological heritage of image processing, video electronics, and optical technology. With the support of the Pegatron Group, Lumens is continuously improving product designs to be used in video studios, live events, classrooms, conference rooms, and for distance learning. For more information, visit Lumens website.

Lumens – VC TR60

4K Dante AV-H AIAuto-Tracking Camera

4K 60fps

Dante AV-H, HDMI, Ethernet, 3G-SDI and USB output

12x Optical Zoom HFOV 81°

AI-based Human Detection

Featuring an 81° horizontal frame of view, VC-TR60 Dante AV-H can shoot as wide as a webcam. Its 12x optical zoom means that it can focus tight, with the 4K sensor picking […]