Products from Mandozzi Elettronica, Powered by Dante

Mandozzi Elettronica SA was founded 1965 and was successful from the beginning as an engineering enterprise designing and manufacturing special high-tech products in the vast fields of transmitting and processing audio signals as well as data. Today, the most important products are digital audio routers, digital audio mixers and audio over IP codecs. They are well known under the brand names IDEA for the routers, SERIX for the mixers, andUMAC for the IP codecs.

Mandozzi Elettronica – ARES

ARES is the NEW Mandozzi modular system to create custom control surface, I/O configuration and a DSP power of your digital audio network in broadcast applications.
With Ares System is possible to customize your operational setup choosing between several different configuration of control surface, number of Input and Output and DSP power.
It is possible to have studio-desk […]

Mandozzi Elettronica – BEA3X

The perfect solution to expand input and output signal to your mixer or third party professional audio devices. Connection through MADI and DANTE protocol.

Mandozzi Elettronica – CIMIX

CIMIX is composed of a solid aluminium console with 12 faders and a multipurpose touch screen.

Mandozzi Elettronica – Dante4 Card

The new Dante Module provides up to 4 network ports with 64 mono channels each. Therefore one module can handle up to 256 audio signals. The module offers redundant network ports for maximum reliability. In the latest software version Dante TM also supports AES67 connections in order to guarantee the compatibility with a wider range of other 3rd party products.
The new board can be implemented in all […]

Mandozzi Elettronica – IDEA Central Audio Matrices

The audio matrices IDEA developed and manufactured by Mandozzi Elettronica SA are ideal for all customers who are looking for systems that perform more than just simple X/Y connections, but intelligent switching functions and audio signal processing. They are designed to be used as main central matrix of a radio house, or to serve a […]