The POE DANTE/AES67 Audio Amplifier module MNS-AMPMC230POE, Built-in to your 4-8 ohm speaker, that instantly Dante-enables your speakers.

The MONISMS Dante Audio Amplifier is a compact power amplifier module that drives small 4-8Ω speakers. The MONISMS Dante Amplifier has two outputs, each with 15W of power into an 4-8Ω load, This makes the module ideal for powering small areas consisting of only a few low power speakers.

The module's audio input is via an Ethernet audio network, allowing the use of the DANTE/ AES67 audio network protocol.

MNS-AMP230POE is powered by standard POE+ and has a MAX power of 30 watts [2*15W]. If there is not  POE+  used,  It can used the external 24VDC power supply.