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Dongguan Musicrown Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a Subsidiary of Longjoin International Holdings Limited. Musicrown has been dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, selling of high technology, high complexity and high quality professional audio products. Products covered professional (Digital Signal Processing) DSP KTV pre-amplifier, Digital Loudspeaker management system, Digital Audio & Video matrix processor, Network audio processor, Digital power amplifiers(Class D technology), Equalizers and more.

Musicrown – DF1208MN

32 bit SHARC DSP, 96kHz sampling rate, 24 bit AD/DA convert.14×12 channels whole sound mixing matrix design, including 8 local analog input channels, 8 local analog output channels, 4 Dante network input channels and 4 Dante network output channels, 1 AUX internal sound mixing channel, 1 double effector internal marshaling channel.

Musicrown – DF16.16MNE

Musicrown’s DF16.16MNE is a network digital matrix processor.

Musicrown – DF16.8MNE

Musicrown’s DF16.8MNE is a network digital matrix processor.

Musicrown – DF4.4MN

Musicrown’s DF4.4MN is a network digital matrix processor.

Musicrown – DF8.8MNE

Musicrown’s DF8.8MNE is a network digital matrix processor.

Musicrown – DL Series

Musicrown’s DL Dante Connect Box series is an I/O interface.

Musicrown – DLS Dante

Musicrown’s Dante DLS is a Dante interface card.

Musicrown – DMH DSP

Musicrown’s DMH DSP is a Dante interface card. 

Musicrown – DMS DSP

Musicrown’s DMS DSP is a Dante interface card.