Outline - Newton 16+4

Outline's Newton is the next generation in audio system control and networking. Newton advances the management of sophisticated audio systems by combining new filter technology, multi-format audio signal routing, multi-format standards conversion and digital signal synchronisation in a single 1RU networkable chassis.

Each Newton processor combines powerful WFIR filters (unique to Outline), clock management and a very high number of input and output channels (216 x 216). Internal synchronous and asynchronous sample rate converters manage all I/O operations and Newton can be synchronised with any one of the 14 choices of clock sources. Mix and Match Matrix I/O routing allows translation and re-distribution of digital audio over multiple standards simultaneously. 

Combining power and flexibility with an easy to use control interface, Newton forms the nucleus of next generation audio systems. Multiple Newton devices are easily interconnected to form a network that is scalable to meet all audio applications. Powerful processing features and multiple audio network standards combine to make Newton the ideal control core for any audio system from Touring to Live Broadcast Events and Fixed Installations.

While Newton 16 is an all-digital device, Newton 16+4 adds the useful capability of local analog inputs and outputs. 

Newton 16+4 adds 4 auxiliary analog inputs and outputs. Each analog input is also provided with additional processing and matrix allowing inputs to be processed, routed and mixed into the main matrix. All three versions of Newton share the same motherboard and it is possible to upgrade from Newton 16 to Newton 16+4.