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Prodys – Quantum2 XL


Quantum2 XL is a complete Commentary Unit including 5 mic/line inputs and 4 headphone outputs. Additional sources to its embedded mixers are USB Audio, AES/EBU or AoIP/AES67 (DANTE or Ravenna optional) inputs.

Quantum2 XL is an all-in-one box solution for remote commentaries linking two bidirectional audio streams with four independent voices, sounds or mixed audios to the studio or Host Broadcast Center.

Perfect sounds are encoded using a choice of advanced and low delay compression algorithms for sport and music.

Highly reliable transmissions are achieved using Diversity and Bonded streams over a group of network interfaces (2x Ethernet, 2x LTE and Wi-Fi).

Additionally, a video downlink stream can be decoded internally and shown on a general purpose monitor, enriching the information supplied to the talents.

A video video uplink is also possible for the transmission of images from the commentators to the studio.

It also allows to insert audio into the received video and to forward a single synchronised video and audio stream to the studio.