RAmi audio - PRT666 D, with Dante Pro AV Networking by Audinate

Personal Mixing & Monitoring

RAmi audio – PRT666 D

RAmi Audio

The PRT666D is a multifunctional microphone desk with Dante connectivity. It has been studied to answer many uses in mobile or permanent installation. It includes:

• A microphone preamp with very low noise, adjustment of the sensitivity and 12 or 48 Volts phantom power.
• An ON / OFF switch for setting ON AIR with a loop confirmation on GPO opto Mos.
• An external switching for ON / AIR by GPI.
• Two switches Talkback 1 and 2 with a confirmation loop on GPO opto coupler.

The communication is provided by an RJ45 network cable, conveying both the audio information and the power supply (PoE).
The PRT666D has a DANTE Primary port and a DANTE Secondary port (Backup).

• Commentator desk
• Remote reporter desk in an outdoor event.
• Antenna simultaneous translation console.

More Details:https://www.ramiaudio.com/produit_uk.php?id_prod=260