Redx - DSP 0404P

Redx's DSP0404 is an audio box processor.

  • DSP0404 audio box processor implements a small integrated audio processing device for Dante network audio tandem and audio digital signal processing.
  • High quality and low latency requirements for network audio transmission can be achieved.
  • Supports 4 channels of balanced input and 4 channels of balanced output analog channels.
  • Support PoE+DC 12V dual power supply.
  • Support RS485 control bridge.
  • Provide PC version control software for processor phantom power, mute and gain, compression, equalization, mixing and other monitoring and operation.
  • DSP0404 is a small-scale processing unit close to the Dante terminal unit. It can complete the digital audio signal tandem, forward and mix, and audio and digital signal processing before and after.