Redx - DSP 1616D

The Redx series digital audio processor is a freely designed audio processing and control system. It includes advanced DSP processing technology, with new adaptive feedback, echo, and noise cancellation. Full-featured matrix mixing function, because most of the control is through the software, so the appearance is more concise and bright.

A generation of network audio processor, integrated with low-delay Dante module, provides 16 input and 16 output network audio transmission channels, and configures up to 16 input and 16 output balanced analog channels, all connected to the network port. The audio input source can be controlled by software to distribute the routing, and can be accessed anywhere in the network, enabling rich algorithm processing, eliminating the need for physical line connections.

  • Supports tablet control and distributed cloud control;
  • DSP audio processing, built-in automatic mixer, optional feedback cancellation, echo cancellation, noise elimination module;
  • Inputs per channel: preamplifier, signal generator, expander, compressor, 5-band parametric equalization;
  • Output per channel: 31-stage graphic equalizer, delayer, frequency divider, limiter;
  • full-featured matrix mixing function;
  • Optional Dante network audio module;
  • Built-in automatic camera tracking function;
  • Support scene preset function;
  • Automatic power-off protection memory function