Relacart - DAM-208D, with Dante Pro AV Networking by Audinate


Relacart – DAM-208D


08D is a 20-input, 8-output, intelligent digital mixer that supports Dante protocol.

DAM-208D is a 20-input, 8-output, intelligent digital mixer that supports Dante protocol. Digital intelligent conference processor is the perfect combination of digital audio and digital control technology to high-performance DSP as the core, with dedicated control software, each channel can be set and adjusted in detail, comes with 20X8 matrix, support multiple levels , All intelligent conference management, can easily form a set of powerful, easy to operate digital intelligent conference system. .It is applicable to the high demand of court, business center, conference center, hotel and TV station.

Intelligent Management

  • Using TCP / IP connection, can be connected to special software to achieve the remote control of the conference system, remote diagnosis and upgrade

Practical Function

  • Through the use of TCP / IP connection to achieve computer PC software control and iPad software remote control settings of the parameters;
  • Each channel can be set to priority, limiter adjustment;
  • 4 – band parametric equalizer, frequency, Q value, amplitude adjustable;
  • Shed filter set, to eliminate unnecessary noise in the band;
  • Multi-stage frequency adjustable slope of the high and low pass filter, can show a better transient response;

Flexible Expansion

  • Built-in Ethernet version of the DANTE ™ digital audio card, can connect the mixer to any DANTE ™ device
  • The RS-232 interface can be used to connect central control equipment and camera tracking system.
  • Connect multiple DMC-500 mixer controllers without software control to adjust common channel volume

Independent Channel, Digital Processing

  • With 20 independent input working channels, each channel can adjust the input gain separately, and support Dante input channel conversion; Dante output, do not affect each other.
  • High-speed DSP chip with 40 bit floating-point operation and working frequency > 450MHz, combined with the digital audio automatic mixing algorithm independently developed by Relacart core technology team, always maintains the style of displaying the most realistic sound; and supports Dante microphone mixing Features;
  • All-digital signal processing, built-in high, low-pass filter, limiter, 12*8 matrix and so on. The basic use of the operation connected to the computer with proprietary control software, each channel can be detailed settings and adjustments.
  • Automatic threshold adjustment, which can calculate the most suitable valve level based on the ambient noise of the scene using the powerful computing system of DSP digital algorithm, suitable for any bad meeting environment. With hold time function to ensure your meeting is smoother.
  • 20-channel input and 8-channel output with DANTE, analog and digital mixing matrix control, suitable for a wider range of application.
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