Relacart - MIXX12, with Dante Pro AV Networking by Audinate


Relacart – MIXX12


MIXX12 Digital Mixer is a 12 inputs and 6 outputs digital wireless control mixer, is a new mixer through the tablet computer application control, can support all iOS, Windows 8 tablet and Android tablet.Using Wi-Fi to connect, anywhere in the wireless network within the scope of control.

MIXX12 Digital Mixer is a 12 inputs and 6 outputs digital wireless control mixer, is a new mixer through the tablet computer application control, can support all iOS,Windows 8 tablet and Android tablet.Using Wi-Fi to connect, anywhere in the wireless network within the scope of control. With 12 channels of broadcast quality microphone amplifier (including 4 modular jack), main and aux outs. Adopt high performance 40 bit floating-point digital signal processor, 24 bit AD/DA converter. Built-in effects processor, compression and limiter,gate plug-ins, parametric equalizer.. Wireless control mode makes you can walk between the stage and the crowd. It is 16-channel digital mixer that with the iPad and tablet computer touch.

Equipped with DANTE card.

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