Relacart - UR-2Q, with Dante Pro AV Networking by Audinate


Relacart – UR-2Q


 UR-2Q series wireless microphone cohesive Relacart long-term accumulation of technical essence, with advanced four-channel electrical tuning technology, 130MHz switching bandwidth (depending on the region); has a beautiful industrial design appearance; with independent research and development of DSP audio expansion algorithm Support Dante protocol output, FBK control, Magic EQ function can be adjusted freely; this series is suitable for high-demand nightclubs, multi-purpose demonstration halls, hotels, conferences and small and medium-sized performances.

 Product characteristics:

 Dante Network Audio Protocol

• With Dante network audio output, Dante audio device can automatically identify the Dante channel of the product; audio signal can be output to any Dante audio device

 DSP Audio Digital Extension

• High-speed DSP chip, 24-bit high-performance ADC, DAC plus self-developed digital audio expansion algorithm to minimize the noise caused by wireless transmission

 Magic EQ Function

• It built-in 9 kinds of digital audio equalizers (Magic EQ), which can directly change the audio quality curve through parameters .

 Automatic Frequency Scan (AFS)  

• With [AFS] (Auto Frequency Selection) function, enter the setup menu and select AFS function, the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open interference-free frequency.

 IR Infrared Counter-Frequency

• With [IR] infrared automatic frequency matching function, press the [SYNC] button, the transmitter can automatically and lock on to an open accurately.

 Ultra Wide Bandwidth

• Ultra-wideband UHF 470MHz ~ 960MHz, pure diversity reception; each channel division and frequency design, to ensure the most wireless microphones can be used simultaneously in the narrowest frequency range.

Extremely Versatile

• 134MHz wideband transmitter, multiple receivers in different frequency bands are free to use each other.

 Energy saving

• Precise low-consumption circuit design, use two AA alkaline battery, the battery life is twice as common.


Main Frame Size EIA standard 1U
Frequency Stability: ±0.005%
External Antenna Interface: Dual BNC support +12V/150mA output
External Audio Interface:  XLR  Audio  unbalanced output, XLR audio balanced output
Ethernet Port: Support Dante communication protocol, support Magic EQ host computer communication
Carrier Frequency Range 470MHz~960MHz
Oscillation PLL synthesized
Sensitivity: 5dBu , S/N>60dB at 25KHz deviation
Bandwidth 130MHz
Max. Deviation Range: ±45KHz
Audio Sampling Rate: 96KHz 24-bit
Audio Expansion: Relacart DSP Digital Audio Extension Algorithm
S/N: >105dB
T.H.D: <0.7%@1KHz
Frequency response: 80Hz~18KHz ±3dB
Operation Range with line of sight approx 80 meters
Power Supply: External adapter DC12V/12W
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