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Products from Relacart, Powered by Dante

Relacart – BLOCK 4

Block4 is a Dante-enabled digital audio switch combining 4 input and 4 output. 

Relacart – CONFER X

CONFER X is a digital automatic mixer with 64-channel input and 16-channel output, which is independently developed by Relacart and the global-first creation. 

Relacart – CS-300M

CS-300 is a simple and affordable conference discussion system. With exquisite design, focusing on application of various conferences, the newly developed sound activate mode, the participants don’t need operating manually, just speaking to microphones directly, the microphone unit can be started to speak, simple to use, fully applicable to the various conference locations.
This system […]

Relacart – DAM-128D

Relacart’s DAM-128D is a 12-channel digital automatic mixer, and is the perfect combination of digital control technology and digital signal processing, high-performance DSP as the core design, fully automatic work, without human intervention.

Relacart – DAM-208D

08D is a 20-input, 8-output, intelligent digital mixer that supports Dante protocol.

Relacart – MAS-D

The MAS-D Microphone Array System adopts a metal streamlined desktop design, which is stylish and succinct.

Relacart – MIXX12

MIXX12 Digital Mixer is a 12 inputs and 6 outputs digital wireless control mixer, is a new mixer through the tablet computer application control, can support all iOS, Windows 8 tablet and Android tablet.Using Wi-Fi to connect, anywhere in the wireless network within the scope of control.

Relacart – RDA20

The RDA20 is an integrated active full frequency speaker with network transmission and pure digital power amplifier. The speaker is powered by PoE+ network switch meaning no external power supply is required. The speaker includes a Class D amplifier which provides. Connect a network cable to communicate with the built-in Dante module to realize network […]

Relacart – TDN1

TDN1 desk stand allows Dante technology to be used with any phantom-powered condenser gooseneck microphone with a 3-pin XLRM-type output. 

Relacart – UR-2Q

UR-2Q series wireless microphone cohesive Relacart long-term accumulation of technical essence, with advanced four-channel electrical tuning technology, 130MHz switching bandwidth (depending on the region); has a beautiful industrial design appearance; with independent research and development of DSP audio expansion algorithm Support Dante protocol output, FBK control, Magic EQ function can be adjusted freely; this series is suitable for high-demand nightclubs, multi-purpose demonstration halls, hotels, conferences and small and medium-sized performances.

Relacart – WDC-903

WDC-903 digital wireless conference discussion system, with professional appearance design, perfect circuit composition and stable functional characteristics, can be cooperated with VTS-2000 automatic video tracking system and central control system to achieve functional diversification of modern high-tech conference.