Revolution Acoustics - RevNet 2140-D

The “Swiss Army Knife” of small amplifiers, the RevNet™ 2140-D gives you the power, versatility and quality you need for both commercial and high-end residential installations. One RevNet amp will power two speakers. Units may be daisy-chained for larger applications, and the RevNet 2140-D has the added power of full Dante® compatibility with AES67 support.


Loads of headroom with 26 dB gain, coupled with the lowest distortion you’ll find on any comparable pro audio amp. Audiophile-quality RevNet amps are suitable for both pro audio and high-end HiFi operation.


140 watts per channel (280 W in mono) will power nearly any installed speaker in the room. RevNet amps can be used in 4/8/16 Ohm or 70/100V installations

Easy to Install

Fast-wiring Phoenix connectors allow you to quickly pre-wire sources and then just plug them into the amp.

Versatile Control

Direct RVC connections along with USB, TCP/IP, WiFi or Dante make it easy to manage your audio sources and volume.

Onboard DSP for Easy Configuration

A built-in sound masking generator allows you to quickly configure the amp for corporate uses, while 31 band EQ and RMS compressor bring you complete control over the sound of the room.


  • 2 x 140W@16/8/4 , 100V/70V @280W
  • Phoenix connectors for Inputs/Link Output, Amp Out and RVC
  • Dante® (with AES67 support) and USB interfaces along with Integrated WiFi for remote control and set up
  • Built-in sound masking generator
  • 31 band fully customizable DSP
  • In-Room AutoEQ and mobile app support