RTS - ARNI G2 , with Dante AV Networking by Audinate




The ARNI (Audio Routed Network Interface) G2 component of an OMNEO system enhances the scalability of the system by its ability to act as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server which eliminates the need to use the IPv4LL protocol. As a DHCP server, ARNI G2 supports one (1) subnet when there is no DHCP server available. It can act as a DNS (Domain Name System) server, storing the DNS-SD (Domain Name System-Service Directory) records of nodes and responding to controller queries, meaning standard DNS can be used for DNS-SD and name resolving. ARNI G2 also extends the use of PTP (Precision Time Protocol) over multiple IP (Internet Protocol) subnets by acting as a boundary clock, synchronized to a master clock using unicast PTP and acts as the clock master in its own subnet using multicast PTP to synchronize the OMNEO nodes.

More Details:https://www.rtsintercoms.com/us/rts/product/ARNI/1550