RTS - DKP 16 CLD , with Dante AV Networking by Audinate




The DKP 16 CLD is a Color Desktop Display Keypanel.

The DKP 16 CLD is a Color Desktop Display Keypanel.

Full-Color LCD Displays: The new color displays host a rich and intuitive graphic user interface that allows to indicate different keypanel functions in different colors.

Modern, Modular Design: The unit is ergonomically designed to fit easily into any control room or truck application. The back panel is optimized for future expansion.

Multi-Directional Keys: 16, multi-directional keys used for talk, listen, and emulation of traditional level control function.

Enhanced Features

  • DKP 16 CLD allows up to six auxiliary inputs, three relays, independent digital gain control for microphone sources, configurable audio routing and much more through an option board
  • DSP Processing
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Equalization, Mixing, Filtering, and Metering
  • USB
  • For future expansion and other planned interface features.
  • User-Programmable Buttons
  • Two user-programmable buttons (UPG-1, -2) provide custom shortcuts to menu functions
More Details:http://www.rtsintercoms.com/ni/rts/product/DKP_16_CLD/1335