S-Track - DBOX44 Series

网络音频接口机实现网络数字信号与模拟信号的互相转换,4x4 是模拟多媒体系统进行数字化升级的绝佳之选。

The DBOX is an audio interface that achieves conversions between digital network signals and analog signals. 4x4 is an ideal choice for digital upgrade of analog multimedia systems. Suitable for large conference rooms, multi-functional halls, theaters and conference centers.

产品特性 / Product Features 

  • 多语言支持;/ support multiple language
  • 内嵌网页快捷操作;/ embedded webpage shortcut actions
  • 内嵌声学反馈消除;/ bulit-in acoustic cancellation module
  • 内嵌声学回声消除;/ built-in acoustic echo cancellation module
  • 内嵌声学噪声消除;/ built-in acoustic noise cancellation module
  • 内嵌DANTE;/ built-in Dante
  • 内嵌网络适配器;/ built-in network adapter


  • DBOX44-I
  • DBOX44-L
  • DBOX44-H