S-Track - DPANEL-M22

DPanel 系列墙面接口机,其拥有模拟输入和 Dante 数字输入,模拟线路输出和 Dante 数字输出,模拟输入支持幻象供电以及手动前级增益调节。

DPANEL series wall-mounted interface include both analog and Dante input, analog line output and Dante output. The analog inputs support phantom power and manual prearm-gain adjustment.

Suitable for conference rooms and multi-function halls hidden input and output interfaces are reserved.

产品特性 / Product Features

  • DANTE网络传输,实现网络远距离传输,布线简单;/ Support Dante network transmission, remote transmission, and the wiring is very simple
  • 墙面、桌面安装;/ installed on wall and desktop
  • 支持平衡或非平衡线路、mic输入;/ support balanced or unbalanced line and mic input
  • 输入接口XLR、大三芯复用;/ input interface XLR and TRS reusable
  • 支持模拟平衡线路输出;/ support analog balanced line output
  • 支持48V幻象供电;support 48V phantom power
  • 0~20db放大;/1-20db amplification
  • 钢琴烤漆面板;/ piano lacquered panel
  • 即插即用;/ plug and play