S-Track - TIGER D Series

Tiger D系列网络音频处理器最大支持16路模拟输入输出和16路Dante数字输入输出通道,内置了Dante网络传输 模块,可以在高宽带的网络支持下实现低延时,高保真的音频信号传输。支持USB录播功能,支持RS232、RS485、GPIO控制接口,完美连接各种控制设备,可选配最新的反馈消除(AFC)、回声消除(AEC)、噪声消除(ANC)算法。

The TIGER D series network audio processors support up to 16x16 channel analog inputs and outputs, and 16-channel Dante digital inputs and outputs. With built-in Dante network transmission modules, it can achieve audio signal transmission of low latency and high fidelity with the support of high-bandwitdh network.  The TIGER D series also supports Automatic Feedback Cancellation (AFC), Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Automatic Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Designed for long-distance transmission, coordinated with DBOXDMIC, etc.


  • TIGER D44S
  • TIGER D44A
  • TIGER D44N
  • TIGER D88S
  • TIGER D88A
  • TIGER D88N
  • TIGER D1208S
  • TIGER D1208A
  • TIGER D1208N
  • TIGER D1212S
  • TIGER D1212A
  • TIGER D1212N
  • TIGER D1616S
  • TIGER D1616A
  • TIGER D1616N