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Seikaku – DR-24.12


DR-24.12 is a 24 channel digital mixing rack without a control surface. The controller can be a touch screen of a PC or a tablet which visually reproduce all the knobs and switches of a conventional mixing console. DR-24.12 features 24 channel inputs and 12 outputs. A main stereo out is also available to drive a speaker system. Due to the small 2U rack size, the mixer can be used in many places where space is limited or where sound engineer needs to control sound from different places during a gig or a rehearsal. If more inputs or outputs are necessary, two racks can be linked together for a 48 In / 24 Out configuration. Equipped with a powerful DSP, DR-24.12 offers the flexibility of a large format console concentrated in a 2U rack format. Remote control and editing facilities are available through an Ethernet and remote ports. A tablet App can also be used for wireless control. The mixer features other extended possibilities to communicate with external equipment like an optional Dante card for audio transport or a multi-track USB interface for recording. The DSP offers functions like Noise/Gate, Compressor/Limiter, Parametric/Graphic EQ, Feedback Canceller, Ducker, Auto Mixer, PAN, Phase Reverse, Time Delay, plus a large choice of high quality digital effects.