Productos de Sierra Automated Systems, equipados con Dante

Sierra Automated Systems – 32KD

The 32KD Digital Router/Mixer provides switching, distribution, mixing, level control, signal processing, intercom, IFB, and mix-minus… all in one modular, distributed scalable routing system. The 32KD is expandable to up to thousands of inputs and outputs, at one location or spread throughout a campus connected via fiber.

Sierra Automated Systems – KDL-16

The KDL-16 is a plug in module for the SAS 32KD Digital Audio Network. The module utilizes Dante to provide 32 channels of bi-directional Audio over IP.

Sierra Automated Systems – Nucleus

The SAS Nucleus is an Advanced AoIP, DSP engine which offers transparent 24 bit audio, utilizing Open Media Protocols such as AES, Analog and Dante I/O alongside Headphone, Monitor, Metering and Cue sections for rapid installation, flexibility and years of robust service.