SSL - L500 Plus

Large Scale Production Powerhouse

Since its introduction in 2013 the SSL Live L500 console has met widespread praise from many of the world’s leading live engineers. L500 was designed to help highly skilled operators deliver outstanding performances in the most demanding applications in Touring, Installation, Houses Of Worship and Theatre.

Like all SSL consoles the secret to the success of the L500 is SSL’s dedication to great sound. There is a sublime transparency, definition and detail to the L500 that is immediately recognisable as the SSL signature.

The deceptively simple ergonomic excellence of the control surface enables operators to perform at their very best. A combination of multi-touch screen control with assignable hardware controls, the use of colour coding, the open architecture let engineers configure the console to suit their own way of working. Like all great creative audio technology, SSL Live consoles are instruments for engineers...

Case Studies

Pope Francis's final Mexican appearances included the Jose Morelos Pavon Stadium and the Estadio Venustiano Carranza, a soccer stadium, in Morelia along with a park, Parque Publico Federal El Chamizal, and a small adjoining soccer park in Juarez just north of the U.S. border. Audio company 3G Productions was contracted to supply high quality audio over exceptionally long distances, while under massive time contstraints to deliver. A vast and sophisticated Dante fiber network was the natural solution.

The Synchron Stage in Vienna, Austria required an audio systems upgrade that could accommodate traditional large-scale recording and mixing, film scoring, modern production and workflow approaches, and Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) itself. Ultimate flexibility was key - a way to connect every room to every other room, including the VSL offices, without compromising audio quality and allowing straight forward ad hoc configuration depending on client need. Every audio channel needed be available anywhere in the building.