Sonible - d:16

Sonible’s d:16 multi-channel amplifier delivers brilliant sound for high-end audio installations in science, research, and industry: reliable, true to the signal and unique in its class.

As a true team player, the d:16 effortlessly cooperates with pre-installed systems. The analog inputs of the base model are expandable with three different digital input options: MADI (coaxial and optical), DANTE and AES/EBU. All digital modules are equipped with high-end D/A converters and allow free routing of every single channel. The good news: the modules can easily be retrofitted.

For maximum comfort with every installation, the d:16 comes with a set of convenient signal processing tools. The optional DSP module offers an equalizer, a compressor, a limiter, and a delay. Even with complex installations, the multi-channel amplifier can thus function as a compact all-in-one solution.

Thanks to Ethernet-interface and web-applications, all of the amplifier's features can be remote-controlled. The web-based control makes it possible to make instant adjustments to the system from any location. The DSP option can be remote-controlled in the same way.