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Soundking – AKT3000D


AK series Dante network amplifier, with analog /digital automatic backup switching function, the analog signal will switch automatically when there is a problem with the digital signal, ensuring that the signal is not terminated due to device failure. The product is divided into two channel and four channel two specifications, using Dante, AES digital audio input, 10 channel signal input can be matrix selection and mutual thermal backup, intelligent network monitoring, and center control. PFC switch power supply, high performance DSP sound control with FIR balance, AGC automatic overload protection, square wave self-load impedance suppression. Intelligent temperature control with overheat protection, constant resistance and constant pressure.

※Optional functions: remote switch, center control shutdown, remote maintenance, sound channel backup, speaker intelligent control and others.

Applications: Acoustic systems in large government projects, large stadiums, cultural centers, etc.