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Software for your Dante system

Third party applications are software products that contain built-in Dante connectivity to networked audio devices and programs. This means that each application has its own unique connections to Dante devices and can process audio independently on a single computer. Applications may perform any number of audio tasks, from recording to signal processing to visualization.

Nimble Streamer

Efficient software media server

Nimble Streamer is a software media server developed by Softvelum. The server is used for streaming video and audio via all major protocols to desktop computers, mobile devices, internet-connected TV sets, IPTV set-top boxes and other network-connected devices.

Dante Ready

With Dante Ready applications, customers can choose the number of Dante audio channels to purchase and enable, reducing costs and complexity for perfectly “right-sized” toolsets. Purchases are securely handled directly by Audinate.

Zenso DMeter

Expansive metering for Dante Controller

Free 2-Channel Activation | $59 USD 32-Channel Activation

Zenso DMeter is an essential troubleshooting utility for Dante audio networks, allowing you to instantly see and test the status of up to 32 Dante audio channels from anywhere on your network. Check for proper levels, disconnected cables or malfunctioning devices quickly and easily.

DMeter installs on your PC or Mac and displays meters for up to 32 simultaneous Dante audio channels in a fully customizable interface that allows you to keep an eye on critical channels, stems, and groups.

More third party applications

Pandoras Box

Cost-effective software playback and control

Intellimix Room

Audio Processing Software with AI Denoiser

Zoom Rooms

Conference rooms that make it easy to run or join video meetings with a tap of a button

Develop the next application for Dante

We provide resources and support for developers to create the next generation of third party applications for Dante.