Williams Sound - FM+, with Dante Pro AV Networking by Audinate

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Williams Sound – FM+

Williams AV

The FM+ End users can listen with either an FM receiver or over Wi-Fi with their own smartphone. Along with this flexibility comes exceptional audio quality, as the FM+ is built on a professional digital audio (DSP) platform. Added plus: Its optional Dante interface provides integrators with a full audio networking solution.

The new FM+ is designed to support those who want to use their own smartphones and headphones for a more discreet assistive listening experience. Simplicity is also available for those who want a more traditional assistive listening system with a dedicated FM receiver and headset.

The FM+ Dante interface provides integrators with a full digital audio networking solution. It is based on the Audinate UXT Ultimo chipset. This chipset supports both AES67 and SMPTE 2110.

More Details:https://www.williamssound.com/catalog/fm-t55-D