Xilica - Neutrino Series

A winning combination of audio performance, ease of use and cost-efficiency is offered by Neutrino processors. Neutrino comprises a DHCP-enabled processor series available in four primary I/O model sizes – 8×8, 8×16, 16×8 and 16×16 with Mic/Line and 48V phantom power selection per input and premium grade mic pre-amps. Neutrino is founded upon the dual-notion of drag-and-drop simplicity and the ability to configure the precise DSP design required by the customer. Accordingly, Neutrino’s drag-and-drop Xilica Designer software can be used to accommodate each project need, and incorporates a GUI that is designed to reduce DSP design time. Neutrino-N model versions provide Dante-enabled network audio capability. This makes it possible to digitally transport 16×16 I/O channels of Dante network audio bi-directionally over Ethernet. Dante and analogue audio streams can be converted back to analogue or to Dante network audio using another Neutrino-N DSP, Rio Series interface, or other Dante-enabled device brands.

Dante-enabled Neutrino series models:

  • A0808-N
  • A0808-ND
  • A0816-N
  • A1608-AEC-N
  • A1608-N
  • A1616-N
  • A1616-ND