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The Dante Adapter Modules are the perfect foundation for your own line of Dante adapters.

Dante Adapter Modules are compact pre-programmed Dante interface modules, designed for the production of cost-effective, custom-branded Dante audio adapters. 

They can also be quickly and easily integrated into larger host devices to provide Dante network support without the need for PCB design and manufacturing, component procurement and programming - significantly reducing time-to-market.

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Single-channel analog in

Single-channel analog out

Dual-channel analog in

Dual-channel analog out

2 in / 2 out AES3

2 in / 2 out USB.

Six Models, Proven Components

Incorporating the same high-quality field-tested components used in the Dante AVIO adapter range, the Dante Adapter Modules enable fast development of professional audio products with proven components.

The modules are designed for overmolding and clamshell enclosures, with your own choice of physical design, branding, and network and audio connectors. All Dante Adapter Modules are rigorously tested and fully programmed prior to shipping.

Audio professionals use Dante adapters to network-enable legacy and contemporary non-Dante equipment such as mixing consoles, amplifiers, DSP units, hardware soundcards and powered speakers. By maximizing device connectivity, network scope and system flexibility, adapter products enable larger and more sophisticated Dante installations, and drive market demand for higher-value audio products.

Dante Adapter Modules feature excellent audio performance, sample rates up to 96 kHz (except USB), user-configurable signal levels (for the analog models), Power over Ethernet, and support for AES67 RTP audio transport. They are fully-functional Dante devices which can provide a hardware master clock for a Dante network, and are also Dante Domain Manager (DDM) ready.

Plug & Play

Products incorporating Dante Adapter Modules are complete, high-performance Dante devices, delivering all the interoperability and ease of use that have made Dante the most popular audio networking solution worldwide.

All Dante Adapter Module products are fully compatible with Dante Domain Manager (DDM) for IT-level security and management. AES67 is supported for connection to non-Dante networks.

Compact Footprint, Compact Cost

Dante Adapter Modules are designed to occupy very little space – allowing OEMs to develop products that are compact, lightweight and ergonomic.

All components are selected for the best possible performance-to-cost ratio, enabling the creation of professional-quality audio products with highly attractive price points.

Six Models Available

Analog input / output

The analog modules enable cost-effective adapter products perfect for connecting legacy DSP units, DI boxes and powered speakers to Dante networks. The analog modules support single or dual-channel balanced inputs or outputs with user-configurable levels. 


Adapters incorporating the AES3 module are ideal for networking power amps, mixing consoles, speaker processors and SDI video systems. The module supports asynchronous sample rate conversion.


The USB module enables class-compliant adapters for PC, Mac and mobile devices, allowing users to record and stream audio to/from laptops or mobile phones*, and create plug and play drop-in audio points for conference rooms.

Mobile connectivity requires a suitable USB adapter and USB on-the-go support


Feature Matrix Analog Input
1 Ch
Analog Input
2 Ch
Analog Output
1 Ch
Analog Output
2 Ch
2 In
2 Out
2 In
2 Out
Max signal level (balanced) +24dBu / +4dBu / 0dBu
0dBV /-10dBV
+18dBu / +4dBu / 0dBu
0dBV /-10dBV
- -
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz (-/+0.5dB) 20Hz to 20kHz (-/+0.5dB) - -
Impedance 20k Ohm balanced
10k Ohm unbalanced
150 Ohm balanced
75 Ohm unbalanced
110 Ohm
Dynamic Range > 100dB > 100dB - -
Signal to Noise Ratio > 100dB > 100dB > 135dB -
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.01% at +4dBu <  0.01% @ +4dBu - -
Channel Separation > 100dB > 100dB - -
Channel Matching < 0.25dB < 0.25dB - -
Asyn­chronous Sample Rate Conversion - - Yes -
Sample Rates 44.1, 48, 96 kHz 48 kHz
Bit Depths 24
Network Transport Dante Audio over IP, AES67 RTP


  • Network Connection: 1x 100Mbps Ethernet (RJ45 connector not fitted)
  • Audio Connection Options:
    • Single or dual-channel analog in
    • Single or dual-channel analog out
    • AES3 in + out
    • USB in + out


  • L 93mm x W 22.1mm x H 16mm


  • Power Consumption: < 2 Watt
  • Power Supply
    • Class 1 802.3af Power over Ethernet, PD compliant
    • USB (USB module only)

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