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Power to Your Users

Give your customers the ability to connect to any Dante-enabled audio product from directly within your application, right out of the box.

We love Dante Virtual Soundcard, and so do hundreds of thousands of users. It acts as a system-level audio interface for any application, connecting computers to Dante networks.

But not every customer is an audio or computer expert and no matter how great your conferencing, lecture capture, DSP or DAW application may be, your users can still be frustrated trying to get audio in and out of their computers.

Dante Application Library puts you in control of what your users see. It simplifies connectivity, showing only the right devices and letting users connect to a Dante network with just a few clicks, right in your application.

Dante that’s as Flexible as Your Application

When your application needs to be deployed, you want the process of setting up and licensing to be as simple as possible for your customer.

Dante Application Library streamlines this process so your users can start using your product with Dante networks right away with no additional installations or steps, under a single end-user license.

Deploying computers for media playback? With Dante Application Library in your application, each instance is instantly ready to connect to Dante audio devices. Building a lecture capture system? Dante Application Library lets you guide your customers through connecting microphones and speakers, recording perfect audio on local computers or servers. Creating a unified communications platform? Dante Application Library eliminates the common problems users experience when setting up conference rooms, ensuring high intelligibility, low frustration and less customer churn.

Easy Integration for Developers

Dante Application Library is delivered as a library and API, so developers can easily embed Dante into applications while providing users with all the control they need. Your application becomes a “one stop” location for all setup needs, allowing you to tailor the user experience no matter which external products are used.

Each instance of Dante Application Library is tied exclusively to the application in which it is included, allowing multiple applications to each have their own Dante interfaces simultaneously without interference.

Dante Application Library Introduction

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