Connect your customers to the future of audio

The success of your audio software application hinges upon customers being able to easily connect to audio devices in the system they are using: microphones, speakers, signal processors, amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Conventionally this is done through USB devices or interfaces connected to the computer running your software. More and more of these devices are today connecting using Dante, the AV-over-IP networking protocol adopted by over 500 manufacturers and now found in over 3,000 professional audio products. Dante allows multichannel audio to be routed anywhere on a standard network using regular Ethernet, overcoming the limitations and rigidity of point-to-point connections.

With Dante Application Library, you can now seamlessly integrate discovery and connection to Dante network devices right into your application, making it easy for your customers to create the audio systems they need. Dante Application Library is a code library for Windows and macOS computers that allows you to use your design, your UI and your UX to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Dante-enabled products make up the largest ecosystem of completely interoperable networked audio devices in the world. With Dante Application Library, your application can be part of that rapidly expanding marketplace.

With Dante integration, your application takes on new capabilities and becomes a full-fledged network audio endpoint. Receive audio from any devices on the network and send out audio to as many endpoints as your customers wish, with support for up to 64x64 channels of bidirectional, lossless audio. With Dante Application Library, you can even automate the configuration of conference rooms, lecture halls, and more.

With Dante Application Library, you can even automate the configuration of conference rooms, lecture halls, and more.

Connect your applications to the products your customers already use

If your customers are serious about audio, they’re likely using Dante. Dante Application Library gives your customers the ability to connect your application to thousands of Dante-enabled products currently on the market. From recording solutions to audio distribution to soft DSPs, applications using Dante Application Library are now on equal footing with traditional hardware products.

Easy integration

Dante Application Library is delivered as a library and API, so developers can easily embed Dante into applications while providing users with all the control they need. Your application becomes a “one stop” location for all setup needs, allowing you to tailor the user experience no matter which external products are used. Each instance of Dante Application Library is tied exclusively to the application in which it is included, allowing multiple applications to each have their own Dante interfaces simultaneously without interference.

Dante Application Library Features

• Easy integration of Dante into native Windows and macOS applications
• 100% compatibility with all Dante hardware and software implementations
• Up to 64x64 channels of bidirectional audio
• 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz sample rates
• Minimum network latency: 4 ms
• Support for multiple instances of Dante Application Library on the same computer
• Control interfaces: DAL connection API, Dante API
• Compatibility with Dante Controller
• Compatibility with Dante Domain Manager


• Windows: Windows 10 or Windows 11
• Mac: macOS 10.15+ supported for Intel; macOS 12+ required for Apple Silicon
• CPU: x86_64 and Apple Silicon
• Network: Wired Gigabit (1000Mbps) interface is recommended for best performance. Wi-Fi networks are NOT supported.

Dante Application Library helps your customers succeed

• Simplify setup of Unified Communications applications
• Easily deploy software-based DSPs and audio utilities
• Streamline use of Lecture and Courtroom Capture software
• Automate connections to DAW applications for recording and processing
• Make configuration of Media Player software bulletproof