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Dante brings award-winning technology to video

With the Dante AV family we have a comprehensive suite of solutions that expands the market opportunity for OEMs and gives end users more flexibility to select a Dante AV solution that meets their application and budget. Select from high performance solutions where low latency and ultra high-quality video matters to cost effective, software-based solutions that deliver quality and flexibility.

From the high resolution, super low-latency Dante AV Ultra module and design set to Dante AV‑H for H.26x, all Dante products share a common control plane and management system – including all audio devices.

The highest quality video with the lowest latency for your most demanding applications.

Dante AV Module

The Dante AV Module is a hardware solution for interfacing video and audio with 1 Gbps networks, delivered as a compact, castellated circuit board. The Dante AV Module is codec-agnostic, providing for a choice of codecs while getting all the benefits of the Dante’s easy-to-use software and API for unified control of video and audio. The Dante AV Module provides complete interoperability with all Dante video and audio devices.

  • Simple audio and video interfacing with an I2S interface for direct connection to a wide variety of ADC, DAC, DSP and amplifier chips and a 32 bit video interface for interconnection to video codecs running at up to 800Mbps
  • Rich set of control interfaces offering a choice of SPI, UART, and GPIO interfaces enabling networked control of products
  • Flexible Point to Multipoint and Point to Point Distribution with support for unicast and multicast video distribution
  • Compact Power featuring 1 in or out video, 8 in or out audio, plus a 1Gbps Ethernet interface in a 50mm x 50mm package
  • Content protection through logic for validated HDCP 2.2 over IP networking
  • Updatable Firmware to update software with new features and fixes loadable via the network

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Dante AV Product Design Suite

The optional Dante AV Product Design Suite is a complete, turnkey AV-over-IP endpoint product design which incorporates the Dante AV Module. It consists of a comprehensive set of documents and software to deliver complete, fully interoperable AV products quickly and reliably. It includes schematics and even a complete bill of materials so you can begin creating your next product right away.

The Dante AV Product Design Suite incorporates an implementation of the popular JPEG2000 codec, which delivers visually perfect results at 4K60 with low latency. Products designed with the Suite may be configured to encode or decode via simple software selection. The Dante AV Product Design can be easily customized to suit an OEM’s specific requirements and provide competitive differentiation.

  • Comprehensive solution for fast and flexible product design
  • Easy project ramp up with included schematics and bill of materials
  • Visually perfect and network-efficient JPEG2000 codec to UHD 60 resolutions
  • Superior low latency for exacting user requirements
  • Precision and aligned timing of video and audio across networks
  • Separately routable video and audio streams
  • Complete control API for integration with development tools and user interfaces
  • Easy control of remote devices via USB HID, serial, and IR over IP

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The power of Dante audio and video control comes to H.26x

The latest offering in the Dante AV family of AV-over-IP solutions for OEMs, Dante AV‑H allows OEMs to develop fully manageable, cost-effective video products that fit into the ever-expanding Dante ecosystem using only software.

  • 8 channels of Dante audio to video products for instant compatibility with existing and planned installations, easing technical requirements and simplifying system design.
  • Provides IT-level management to cost-effective IP video products such as PTZ cameras, displays, and more with Dante Domain Manager.
  • Interoperability with AV-over-IP products from multiple vendors, letting users connect, manage and configure all networked video and audio connections in a single Dante Controller window.
  • Comprehensive user control and management to existing H.26x-based IP video product designs, providing a less costly and faster implementation option than hardware-based solutions.

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Develop with Dante AV

Over 25 companies are developing with Dante AV Ultra and Dante AV-H including those listed here. Learn about your options for creating products with interoperable Dante AV networking.

Dante Authorized Implementer Program

The Authorized Implementer Program is ideal for manufacturers seeking to quickly add Dante AV-based products in the shortest possible time.

The program gives manufacturers access to turnkey ODM products such as full-featured PTZ cameras and receive/transmit AV-over-IP video endpoints that can be “white-labeled” with the manufacturer's brand. They also get immediate expertise in developing new video products, such as hardware design, software development, supply chain management and regulatory compliance.

If you are an ODM or design firm seeking to expand your market by manufacturing Dante AV products for other OEMs, the Authorized Implementer Program may be a perfect opportunity for you.