Dante Brooklyn PDK

The Dante Brooklyn PDK (Product Development Kit) contains all you need to quickly become familiar and confident with Dante technology and products. 

This PDK is an essential tool for understanding how to seamlessly incorporate Dante into your product and solution suite. 


The PDK is a fully functioning system complete with digital and analog I/Os, word clock, and software components, as well as an Audinate technical support package that will allow you to design, develop, and test your own fully integrated Dante-enabled products.

The Dante API toolkit is included to facilitate rapid development for your custom UIs and applications to interact with Dante devices. Access to Dante’s powerful control and monitoring capabilities, via the Dante API, enables deep and seamless Dante integration with your own custom features, for the development of highly sophisticated, standout systems and solutions.

Integrating Dante media networking into your products never was easier.

Package Includes

Audinate Technical Support

  • Up to 60 hours of direct email support by Audinate’s Technical Support team
  • Remote training and assistance

Dante Hardware

  • Four Dante Brooklyn modules with support for 64 x 64 audio channels
  • Two Brooklyn Adaptor boards with breakout headers to access the rich set of Brooklyn development interfaces
  • Two Audio baseboards allowing connection to audio equipment via a range of connectors

Development Tools

  • SDKs for integration into PC and Mac software, and a binary build environment to build applications that run on the Brooklyn module itself
  • Dante API to allow your applications to control and monitor the Dante solution

Licensed Software Applications

  • The latest Dante Controller software
  • Up to 4 Dante Virtual Soundcard licenses for installation on Windows or Mac

OEM Portal Access

  • Access to Audinate's OEM Portal, giving you access to all the documentation and software above, plus the latest:
    • Technical design information and schematics
    • Design and configuration tools
    • Support information