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Announcing: Dante Embedded Platform SDK for Arm Cortex-A processors

and PDK for i.MX 8M

Dante Embedded Platform Software Development Kit for Arm Cortex-A processors provides the tools needed to develop Dante-enabled products built upon 32- and 64-bit Arm Cortex-A processors using a Linux operating system, and supports online license activation for OEMs. The SDK allows manufacturers to validate their own designs for performance and capability, ensuring solid reliability for end users.

Dante Embedded Platform Reference Design Kit for NXP’s i.MX 8M Mini QuadLite processor is validated by Audinate for Dante performance, and lets OEMs design with confidence. It supports up to 64x64 lossless audio channels with latency between 2ms and 10ms and is fully interoperable with all other Dante-enabled products and Dante tools such as Dante Controller, Dante Virtual Soundcard, and Dante Domain Manager.

Bringing AV-as-software to life

Deliver powerful, flexible and cost-effective software-based products that come with Dante audio networking already on board.

Dante Embedded Platform addresses emerging needs for an industry transitioning to a more software-focused model of system and product design, providing the tools manufacturers need to make AV as software a reality.

Dante Embedded Platform lets you build the world’s leading audio networking solution directly into your Linux-based products using your UX paradigm for seamlessly integrated workflows. With minimal additional hardware and low marginal costs, Dante Embedded Platform preserves the smallest product footprint while enabling OEMs to deliver in-field software upgrades, so your products and your customers stay up-to-date.

Dante Embedded Platform Introduction

Develop with confidence

Dante Embedded Platform is designed to work in products that run Linux on compact Arm processors as well as large, powerful x86 CPUs, and includes tools that eliminate costly guesswork.

Dante Embedded Platform is ideal for developing families of interoperable products that range from petite Arm-based products up to large, x86-based designs that deliver high channel counts with low, deterministic latency.

Plug into the Dante ecosystem

Dante is the leading AV-over-IP solution in the world, with over 2000 interoperable products available from more than 430 manufacturers of AV gear.

With Dante in your applications, users get immediate access to any and all of these devices, making it easy to select equipment that suits every need.

More Features

  • Support for PTP-based precision clocking
  • Redundant network capable
  • Supports private encoding
  • Field software updates when available
  • Control interfaces: Dante API
  • Works with all Dante-enabled devices and software implementations
  • Compatible with Dante Controller
  • Compatible with Dante Domain Manager

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Dante Embedded Platform Datasheet

* Maximum channel count and achievable latency will depend on processor type (x86 or Arm), speed, other processing loads, operating system configuration and tuning.

How to Implement

Validate designs with product design kits (PDK) and software development kits (SDK) for popular Arm CPUs:


  • Tested and qualified design for Arm-based Dante-enabled products
  • Up to 64x64 channels
  • Low 2 to 4 ms latency
  • Redundancy support
  • Works with single and multi core CPUs
  • Fully compatible with all other Dante-enabled devices and tools
  • Support for Dante Domain Manager

SDK for Arm Cortex-A processors

  • Provides the tools needed to develop Dante-enabled products
  • For 32- and 64-bit Arm Cortex-A processors using a Linux operating system
  • Supports online license activation for OEMs
  • Fully compatible with all other Dante-enabled devices and tools
  • Support for Dante Domain Manager

A Dante Embedded Platform SDK for x86-based audio products is anticipated for release in the near future.

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