Dante Ready

Dante Ready is an optional feature for products made using Dante Embedded Platform that allows end-users to purchase and add audio channels to a device after initial purchase with easy-to-use PC software. Dante Ready gives customers the ultimate flexibility, paying only for as many channels as are required. It allows manufacturers to ship products at a lower base cost, offering customers the opportunity to upgrade as needed.

How does Dante Ready work?

For manufacturers

Manufacturers have the option to license as many Dante channels as they wish when using Dante Embedded Platform, from zero channels to the maximum supported by the product. With Dante Ready, products can choose to ship with a low base amount of Dante channels that customers can increase through direct purchase to suit individual needs.

For customers

To add channels to Dante Ready products, customers must update to a recent version of Dante Controller (version 4.5.0 or later) which includes Dante Ready Activator. This is available for Windows or MacOS computers connected to their Dante network. Dante Ready Activator scans the local Dante network for any Dante Ready eligible products and shows the available options. Customers may then make channel purchases directly within Dante Controller using Audinate’s payment system, and these purchases are immediately applied to the target devices for a smooth, easy experience.

Dante Ready Activator on Mac