Dante AV-over-IP Networking,

Going beyond configuration and routing

Dante Controller provides essential device status information and powerful real-time network monitoring, including device-level latency and clock stability stats, multicast bandwidth usage, and customized event logging, enabling you to quickly identify and resolve any potential network issues. You can also quickly and easily backup, restore, move, and reuse Dante network configurations using Presets, and edit Dante routing configurations offline.

Dante Controller is available for Windows and macOS.

Always Up-to-date

Beginning with version 4.2, Dante Controller includes Dante Updater. Dante Updater connects to a library of firmware updates from manufacturers of Dante-enabled products and makes it easy to keep your products up-to-date.

Devices are automatically discovered and correlated with the proper firmware for error-free deployment of updates. With Dante Updater, you can quickly and safely take advantage of all the latest features and capabilities of Dante as well as the manufacturers' product updates..

Get Dante Controller

Dante Controller is free to download and use

Dante Controller now speaks eight languages


  • View all Dante-enabled audio devices and their channels on the network
  • View and edit device clock and network settings
  • Route audio between devices, and view the state of existing audio routes
  • Rename devices and channels using your own friendly names
  • View comprehensive, configurable event logs
  • Check for and deploy Dante firmware updates
  • Save and reapply audio routing presets
  • Edit presets offline, and apply as configurations for new network deployments
  • Change sample rates and clock settings
  • View multicast bandwidth across the network
  • Customize the receive latency (latency before playout)
  • View transmit and receive bandwidth for each device
  • View device performance information, including latency stats, clock stability stats and packet errors
  • Lock and unlock devices
  • Filter device lists by name, sample rate, latency and other parameters

Dante Updater: What does updating look like?