All your spaces on one screen

Tired of walking from sanctuaries to classrooms and even separate buildings to make things work, over and over? With Dante devices and Dante Domain Manager, you can see your entire AV network at a glance, organized the way you like. Email alerts and SNMP integration provide immediate feedback for any issues no matter where you are. 

Volunteer friendly

You don’t want your AV system to be misconfigured by well-intentioned volunteers. With Dante Domain Manager you can protect your system while allowing members to participate by assigning permissions. Every change is time-stamped and logged. 

AV-over-IP that scales with your worship space

With Dante Domain Manager, you can now scale AV-over-IP to work across large, routed networks to cover your entire campus. Seamlessly share media and clocking with no special switches, reducing the need for complex VLANs. 

See what industry professionals are saying

“The main thing for my team is that, out of the box, Dante is clean, efficient, and easy to use. Dante just works… Because of Dante, the church loves their new systems, and they have had absolutely no issues.” 

- Graham Bennewith, Installation Director, DM Music Ltd. Gloucester Cathedral, UK.

“Say there’s a wedding reception and a band in the concourse. I could utilize my wireless microphones from the worship center as if they were in the concourse, and route that audio through RedNet (Dante) to speakers in the concourse. There’s a handful of classrooms that will be connected to the network and have access to audio from anywhere in the building. We’ve also got a coffee shop that will utilize the equipment for singer-songwriter events. I don’t have to deal with patchbays or multi-pin connectors, which are just fraught with issues.”

- Jacob Moore, Creative Director at Beltway Park Baptist Church

Dante Domain Manager in action


AV systems are increasingly expected to be integrated with enterprise data networks, but IT Managers may not be familiar with the specific requirements of AV-over-IP systems and common AV practices.

Case study

Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucester, England is an extraordinary building with many historic treasures.


Using Dante Domain Manager you can give your house of worship the security it needs. You can ensure that only people who are allowed access can make changes to any part of the audio system across the building.

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