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IT Tools for AV networks

Dante Domain Manager brings IT best practices to AV, making audio networking more secure, more scalable and more controllable than ever before.

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Benefits for Integrators

Benefits for IT Managers

In-Depth Look

Case Studies

Minnesota Twins at Target Field

Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins Major League Baseball team, gives more than 39,000 spectators an unforgettable fan experience, starting with near-perfect audio throughout the stadium.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio uses Dante Domain Manager to control their audio network for their zoo, aquarium, golf course, water park, various dining options and special events.

AT&T Performing Arts Center

The AT&T Performing Arts Center is a massive, four performance-hall venue located in Dallas, Texas that uses Dante and Dante Domain Manger to provide a secure and scalable audio network.

Children's Minnesota Hospital

Children’s Minnesota is one of the largest, freestanding pediatric health systems in the US with two hospitals, 12 primary care clinics, six rehabilitation centers and nine specialty care sites.

Special Focus

Higher Education

Learn how Dante Domain Manager solves problems of multiple-subnet networks, security, and organization in your campus AV system


Find out how Dante Domain Manager delivers reliability, security, scalability and interoperability to broadcast audio over IP.

Product Editions

Dante Domain Manager editions enable the creation of Dante domains to isolate and organize audio devices, permission-driven user accounts, cross-subnet routing of audio, and powerful administrative features to monitor user actions and system status in key areas.


Ideal for smaller installations, such as a conference room, reception area, house of worship or classroom.


Suited to many mid-sized business environments, allowing for easy management of multiple rooms and public spaces.


Designed for organizations with many users, rooms and devices in multiple buildings spread over large areas.

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Number of Domains 2 10 50
Number of Nodes 10 50 250
Available Features      
Create and manage domains
Configure domains across subnets
Dashboards and alerts
Detailed audit log
Automatic discovery of Dante devices
Responsive browser interface
User definition and role management
Virtual server support
System backup and restore
Secure, encrypted control traffic
Route audio between Dante domains
Enhanced event and alert filtering  
LDAP and Active Directory integration  
High Availability redundancy    
SNMP alerts    
Suggested Pricing USD $995 USD $3,995 USD $9,995

* Add additional domain and node capacity with Platinum expansion packs. Contact sales to learn more.

NEW in Version 1.1 of Dante Domain Manager

SMPTE 2110 and AES67 Support

Dante Domain Manager version 1.1. enables support for SMPTE 2110 and AES67 within Dante domains, allowing broadcasters to integrate SMTPE 2110/AES67 compliant devices in a managed Dante environment.

GPS Synchronization

With Dante Domain Manager, sites can stay in sync using GPS clocking to create a single Dante domain over substantial distances.

ISO Delivery

Dante Domain Manager v1.1 is now available as a standard ISO, allowing you to deploy servers on your choice of hypervisor (VMWare ESXi, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, etc.) or even on bare metal hardware.

Improved Email Notifications

Stay informed anywhere you are by receiving change alerts via email as well as the built-in dashboard.

LDAPS and SMTPS Support

Encrypted authentication to LDAPS and SMTPS servers is now supported for increased security.

Look Inside Dante Domain Manager


Manufacturers and Dante Domain Manager

Dante Domain Manager requires that audio equipment be upgraded to the latest Dante firmware. Many products are ready now, and more are in the works.



Configurable Dynamic Dashboard: Intuitive, graphical dashboard widgets provide real-time visibility of various system health and status metrics, including clocking and subscription status, service status, host server performance and configuration change alerts

Searchable Audit Log: A fully searchable, time-stamped audit log enables detailed event auditing and reporting

Remote Monitoring: SNMP notifications provide system visibility from anywhere at any time


Responsive Web-based UI: Access Dante Domain Manager from any desktop or tablet web browser

Intuitive AV Device Management: The Dante Domain Manager UI features drag & drop for quick and easy grouping of devices into Dante domains, and bulk configuration for large networks via file upload

Push Updates: When a new version of Dante Domain Manager is available, the dashboard will automatically notify you, and you can install the update directly from the UI

Automatic Discovery: Dante Domain Manager supports device / server discovery across both routed and standalone networks

Configurable Clocking: If required, you can specify which of your Dante devices will act as subnet clock masters – or just let Dante Domain Manager handle everything for you

Tight integration with Dante Controller: Define access and device visibility permissions. Authenticated users see only what they are required to see


DDM is provided as a standard ISO package

Support for leading hypervisors: VMware ESXi, Hyper-V and Virtual Box, and "bare-metal" servers

Run Dante Domain Manager in data centers

Silver & Gold: 4GB & 2 CPUs

Platinum: 8-16GB & 2-3 CPUs


Powerful User Administration: Multiple user roles, Active Directory and LDAP support enables secure authentication and comprehensive control over user access

Backup and Restore: Dante Domain Manager configuration can be saved locally and restored as a new installation

High Availability: Multiple backup server support enables automatic failover in the event of a problem with your main server

Virtual Server Support: Run Dante Domain Manager on virtual machines in data centers

Secure Encrypted Administration and Device Configuration: HTTPS support and encrypted control traffic ensures fully secure communication between the DDM server, the DDM web interface and the Dante network


All Dante devices must be running Dante firmware v4.0 or higher.

Dante Controller must be updated to v4.0 or higher.

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Dante Domain Manager Datasheet

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North America
The location of at least one key office is listed. Many companies serve multiple states.

5 Words Media US (Arizona)   TSAMM Professional Audio Solutions Austria
      Amptec Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Advanced Systems Group US (California)   AXIANS Audiovisual Belgium
Alpha Video US (Minnesota)   FACE Belgium
Amplio Systems US (Illinois)   Riva Audio Belgium
AMR Inc. US (Florida)   Matrix Sales Denmark
Apex Audio US (California)   Bright Sales & Installation Finland
      Intersonic Finland
A-Town AV US (California)   LariPro Finland
Auburn AV US (Alabama)   Studiotec Finland
Audio Intervisual Design Inc US (California)   Pilote Films France
Audio Logic Systems US (Minnesota)   Amptown Sound & Communication Germany
Audio Video Electronics US (Minnesota)   AVS Medientechnik Germany
Audiovideo Technical Services inc. US (Florida)   audioone Germany
Audio Visual Technologies Group US (Texas)   Audio Pro Heilbronn Elektroakustik Germany
      Broadcast Technology GmbH Germany
Avex US (Texas)   Dekom Germany
Avidex US (Washington)   G+B Medientechnik Germany
AVI-SPL US (Illinois, Florida)   PM WHITE Germany
AVI-Systems US (Minnesota)   ProdyTel Germany
Azimuth Communications, a division of IES US (Oregon)   Protones Germany
BRIDGES SYSTEM INTEGRATION US (Virginia)   Qualtron Germany
Broadcast Supply Worldwide US (Washington)   Qvest Media Germany
Carousel Industries US (Rhode Island)   SMM Germany
CCCP (Camera Corner Connecting Point) US (Wisconsin)   Studio Hamburg Germany
CCI Solutions US (Washington)   Philippos Nakas Greece
CCS Presentation Systems US (Arizona)   EQUADIO HUNGARY Hungary
Clair Solutions US (Pennsylvania)   Studiotech Hungary
Clark US (Georgia)   ION Solutions Ireland
Coda-Technologies US (California)   Audiosales Italy
Communications Engineering, Inc. US (Virginia)   Midiaudio Lithuania
Conference Technologies Inc US (Missouri)   Dragonfly Production Services Netherlands
Dale Pro Audio US (New York)   MK2 Audiovisueel Netherlands
David Caroll Associates US (California)   Music-IT Netherlands
DGI Communications US (Massachusetts)   Benum AS Norway
Diversified US (New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, Maryland, Indiana)   LydRommet AS Norway
Edwards Technologies US (California)   Prolyd Norway Norway
Electronic Contracting Company US (Nebraska)   Lauda Audio Poland
Electronic Contracting Company US (Nebraska)   Pawlaki Pro Audio Poland
Electronic Design Company US (Minnesota)   Dec Imagem Portugal
Electrosonic (U.S. Headquarters) US (California)   Hi-Tech Media Russian Federation
Electrosonic (U.S. Headquarters) US (California)   AVL Projekt Serbia
Ellis Pro Media US (Washington)   Broad Service Spain
Encompass A/V US (Illinois)   Datos Media Spain
Encompass A/V US (Illinois)   Seesound Spain
Esco Communications Inc US (Indiana)   Danmon Group Sweden (Soundware) Sweden
Evergreen US (Washington)   Specialelektronik Sweden
Exhibit One US (Arizona)   Standard Audio Systems Sweden
Featherston Media US (Texas)      
Farber Sound US (Minnesota)   promedias AG Switzerland
Ford Audio-Video US (Oklahoma)   DİNAKORD ELEKTRONİK Turkey
Hairel Enterprises US (Texas)   Fluyt Software Turkey
HB Communications US (Connecticut)   Audiologic UK United Kingdom
ICS (Integrated Communication Systems) US (California)   Datasound Consulting United Kingdom
IES Communications US (Arizona)   Harmonia Consulting United Kingdom
Infinity Sound US (Texas)   HHB Communications / SCRUB United Kingdom
Inter Technologies US (North Carolina)   Ideaworks United Kingdom
IVCi US (New York)      
iVideo Technologies US (Ohio)      
Key Code Media US (California)   Jigsaw24 Systems Ltd United Kingdom
KMH AV Integration US (New York)   Mediaspec United Kingdom
Kratos Public Safety & Security Solutions US (California)      
Landry Audio US (Massachusetts)   RG Jones United Kingdom
LD Systems US (Texas)   RH Consulting United Kingdom
Level 3 US (Arizona)   SFL Group United Kingdom
Lift AV LLC US (Washington)   SSE Audio United Kingdom
Lightwerks US (California, Idaho)      
Logic Systems Sound and Lighting US (Missouri)      
M3 Technology Group US (Tennessee)   Asia Paciic  
McKinstry US (Washington)      
Mega Media Factory US (Pennsylvania)   Brisbane Sound Group Australia
National Technology Associates US (Nevada)   Corsair Australia
Nelco Media US (Texas)      
New Era Technology US (Indiana)      
North American Theatrix US (Connecticut)   Fredon Technology Australia
Onyx US (Virginia)   Rutledge AV Australia
Parsons Technologies US (Minnesota)   The PA People Australia
PCD US (California)   TM Stagetec Systems Australia
Piedmont US (North Carolina)   Advanced Communication Equipment Hong Kong, Mainland of China
PlanNet Consulting US (California)   Beijing Jiudazhisheng Science&Trade Co., Ltd Mainland of China
PlanNet Consulting US (California)   Beijing New Olymp Nicke Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Mainland of China
PlanNet Consulting US (California)   BESTCREWS (SHANGHAI) CULTURE DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD  Mainland of China
Poll Sound US (Utah)   Chengdu Hengying Audio&Video Technology Development.,Ltd  Mainland of China
Presentation Products US (New York)   Chengdu Xingchuangzhike Technology Co.,Ltd Mainland of China
ProAudio.com US (Texas)   COGITO SOFTWARE CO.,LTD. Mainland of China
Pro Sound & Video US (Florida)   Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd  Mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macau
Professional Audio Designs US (Wisconsin)   EZPro International Technology Limited Mainland of China
Promedia Audio Video US (Colorado)   Guangzhou Professional Lighting&Audio Equipment Co.,Ltd-DDM Reseller Mainland of China
RSPE Audio Solutions US (California)   Heilongjiang Dongaolong Intelligent System Development Co; Ltd Mainland of China
Sandy Audio Visual US (Maryland)   Ruifeng Inc. Mainland of China
Sensory Technologies US (Indiana)   Kunxin(Shanghai) Video&Audio Ltd Mainland of China
SKC US (Kansas)   Shanghai Jifu Electronic Information System Co., Ltd Mainland of China
Sound Ideas US (Kentucky)   Shenzhen ZhongChuang Shiji Technology Co., Ltd  Mainland of China
Sound Image US (California)   Shenzhen Ninth Heaven Technology Co.,Ltd Mainland of China
Sound Production & Lighting US (California)   TICO Digital Group Mainland of China
Soundcom Systems US (Ohio)   Wuhan Xiange Technology Co.Ltd Mainland of China
Spinitar US (California)   Zhengzhou Lisheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd  Mainland of China (Henan Province)
Summit Integrated Systems US (Colorado)   Audio Brains Japan
Technology Providers US (Arizona)   Rock oN Japan
Technology West Group US (Nevada)      
TekWorks US (California)   T-Spec (Live-device) Japan
The Solution LLC US (Michigan)   Yamaha Sound System Japan
TMG Systems US (Illinois)   MAHAJAK TRIO Malaysia
TSI Global Companies, LLC US (Missouri)   Stagetec Asia Malaysia
Unified AV Systems US (Georgia)   JPRO New Zealand
Valley Communications US (Massachusetts)   MusicWorks (NZ) Ltd New Zealand
Video Music Networks US (Florida)   Broadcast Communications International Singapore
Washington Professional Systems US (Maryland)   Electro-Acoustics Systems (EAS) Singapore
Western AV US (California)   First Aurora Singapore
Westlake Pro US (California)   Danacoid Korea South Korea
Whitlock US (Colorado, Illinois, Virginia)   SoundCat South Korea
Xcite Audiovisuals US (Colorado)   Falconry Technology Taiwan
      Good AV Pro Taiwan
AVI-SPL Canada   IP Systems Co., Ltd. Taiwan
GAV MGMT Canada   Astro Serve (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand
One Diversified Audio Visual Canada Ltd. Canada   Middle East  
Solotech Canada   ANSATA India
Surgical Safety Technologies Canada   Broadcast Design Israel
      NMK Electronics Dubai, UAE
      EDGE Electronics Trading Qatar
      Central Engineering South Africa
      Central and South America  
      Video Audio Ingenieria Argentina
      Axiom Electronics Brazil
      Endev Brazil
      Eng4sys Brazil
      Yamaha Brazil

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