Dante Studio, Pro AV Networking Software from Audinate | AV's Leading Technology

Streamline your Dante AV video workflow by seamlessly integrating PCs and Applications

Dante Studio comprises an array of software solutions that bring Dante video features to PCs. These solutions enhance your systems' capabilities, extend the functionality of software applications and provide system designers, integrators and end users a complete networkable AV workflow.

Fits into Dante based environments operating on standard 1Gb Ethernet infrastructures

Works in combination with Dante Virtual Sound Card for audio

Works with Dante AV-enabled systems for low latency HD and 4K video using a broadcast quality JPEG 2000 codec

Runs on standard Windows computers using an NVIDIA GPU

Build out your Dante AV ecosystem

Complementing the growing ecosystem of Dante AV hardware products, including cameras, encoders and decoders, Dante Studio allows those Dante AV signals to be easily ingested into PC platforms and software applications. This unlocks a wide variety of networked video use cases ranging from the video production and broadcast markets to corporate and higher education.

Receive video simply and seamlessly from any Dante AV-enabled source

With Dante Video RX, computers can receive a video signal from Dante AV transmitters or Dante AV cameras on their network. Dante Video RX supports 60 frames per second video streams along with separate routing of video and audio elements.


Encode PC output, connected cameras and devices as video output

Create a Dante video stream directly from the PC by capturing the Windows display output: either full screen or a selectable window.


Monitor video streams from your PC

Software decode on PC to display video in a window or full screen. Video streams in media environments can be seen and monitored on a PC display