Software tools that simplify video workflows

Dante Studio is a suite of software tools that brings Dante video directly to your PC - no additional hardware needed. Receive Dante video flows into applications, capture and send your PC’s display, or quickly monitor video on the network. As part of the Dante AV family, Dante Studio utilizes Dante Controller for video routing and is instantly compatible with Dante-enabled devices. Dante Studio makes adding video to your AV workflow easy.

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Receive video into applications from Dante AV sources

With Dante Video RX, computers can receive a video signal directly from Dante AV transmitters, cameras, or other computers running Dante Studio on their network. Dante Video RX presents video streams as a webcam or video source to applications that support the DirectShow interface.

  • Bring Dante AV PTZ cameras and sources directly into Teams, Zoom, or other UC software
  • Capture video content straight from in room Dante AV sources into CMS platforms like Panopto
  • Add video recording or streaming to your workflow bringing streams from Dante AV cameras/encoders or computers sharing content with Dante Video TX into OBS, vMix, or Adobe Premiere

Capture your PC’s display as a video source

Dante Video TX allows you to capture a display connected to your PC and transmit the captured video over the Dante Network. This video stream can then be sent to Dante AV Ultra receivers or another instance of Dante Studio using either Dante Video RX to bring the video into applications or Video Viewer to view the video in a standalone app.

  • Share presenter PowerPoints and content directly into recording or streaming software like OBS and Vmix
  • Send lecturer computer content to in room displays or projectors connected to Dante AV decoders
  • Easily create overflow spaces by sending presentation content to computers running Video Viewer in full screen in other rooms

Monitor video streams from your PC

Dante Video Viewer is a standalone application that allows you see and monitor a Dante video stream from any Dante AV enabled device or computer sharing its screen with Dante Video TX on the Dante network in real time.

  • Monitor video streams from Dante AV enabled cameras or encoders in control rooms from live studios
  • Receive video to overflow spaces from cameras or presentations from computers running Video TX
  • Enhance AV support workflows by remotely monitoring in room Dante AV devices