Introduction to IP Networking for AV Systems

This online course is an introduction to networking in Digital Audio.

There are numerous advantages to using networks for AV systems, and we will develop a firm background on networking basics, as well as how the existing standards can be pulled together to form Dante.

This course has been approved by the InfoComm CTS Renewal Committee for:

  • 3.0 CTS RU credits in CTS Domain A
  • 3.0 CTS-D RU credits in CTS-D Domain B

In order to complete this course for InfoComm RU credit, you will need to register for RU credit with Audinate, complete this online training, and fill out a short quiz to test your knowledge of the subject (links below).

The course is comprised of three parts:

  1. A high level informative discussion on the relatively rapid adoption of IP networking.
  2. Introduces the OSI model and how data travels through network layers and hardware.
  3. A more focused look at how Dante implements networking standards in the context of transporting media.

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