AES67, Networked Audio, and the Impulse Towards Interoperability

AES67, Networked Audio, and the Impulse Towards InteroperabilityPro Sound News Europe provides an insight into the objectives, benefits and limitations of the AES67 AoIP networked audio standard

  • An overview of IP-based networking and where AES67 fits in
  • AES67 interoperability features, strengths and limitations
  • The elements required for successful networked audio
  • Dante and AES67

Implementing AoIP (Audio-over-IP) from an IT Manager’s Perspective

Implementing Audio-over-IP from an IT Manager’s PerspectiveReal-world lessons at the AoIP convergence of AV and IT in a mixed-use IT infrastructure.

IT managers increasingly expect AV systems to be integrated with enterprise data networks, but they may not be familiar with the specific requirements of audio-over-IP systems and common AV practices. Conversely, AV professionals may not know the concerns of IT managers or know how best to achieve their goals. This whitepaper helps both sides understand each other's needs when utilizing AoIP.

Audio Networking Trends 2016 - Global Survey Results

Audio Networking Trends 2016The largest annual audio networking survey results are in! Learn the trends from RH Consulting's latest survey

Audio professionals need to know what's happening in the industry in order to serve their clients and attract new ones. 

This 2016 independent survey from RH Consulting draws on audio professionals around the globe. It answers the questions - HOw fast is audio networking growing? Which audio networking protocols are being used, and why? The trends are clear for those wondering about the future of AVB, Cobranet, Dante, EtherSound and RAVENNA.

Download the whitepaper and find out!

Dante Digital Audio Networking Recalibrates Cost and Complexity

Dante Digital Audio Networking Recalibrates Cost and ComplexityDante has opened the door to a new world of custom-designed, feature-rich AV systems without the prohibitive costs.

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Until recently, that was the reality faced by integrators, consultants and their customers who dared to dream of an audio system that offered high performance and versatility along with reasonable price, simple design and easy installation. But everything changed when Audinate launched Dante, its revolutionary audio networking solution.

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The Three Pillars of Audio Networking

Three Pillars of Audio Networking WhitepaperThe critical components of a complete, interoperable audio networking solution.

While there is much debate about different standards and protocols within audio networking, the reality is that it takes much more than just standards to create a truly usable, interoperable audio networking solution. This new whitepaper examines the three critical pillars of audio networking that sit on top of this foundation.

The Death of Analogue and the Rise of Audio Networking

The Death of Analogue and the Rise of Audio Networking Whitepaper

A "must read" from RH Consulting

A detailed examination of audio networking today, revealing growth rates and market forces that are rapidly leading to an industry-wide convergence.

Audio Networking Survey 2015

Audio Networking SurveyWorldwide survey reports bright future for audio networking.

In 2015, audio and AV consultancy RH Consulting carried out a survey on the use of audio networking and this was done in conjunction with four magazines - Systems Contractor News, Installation International, Pro Sound Asia and Pro Sound Middle East. The purpose of the survey was to try and find out how much audio networking is going on and what choices people are making.