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Ease into Immersive Audio
New workflows and technologies enhance the audience experience and create a varied palette for fine artists
Latency – it’s about time
Latency is a term you’ll hear used in both audio and video systems. We all have some idea about what latency is, but when pressed the details get fuzzy. Let’s take a look at what it is and what is means – or doesn’t mean – for your system. 
Esports: Competing for Screen Time
A few years ago, the whole idea of Esports presented a fascinating blend of curiosity, excitement and consternation. Why would people want to watch other people play video games on screens? And how exactly are they connecting all these remote players around the world? Well, the kids sure seem to like it. I guess this is the future of athletics. 
ACMI – Virtual Soundscape
For a museum of screen culture, the need for hundreds of audio feeds across the gallery space is critical. Learn why the system designers chose Dante.
Well intentioned mishaps with IGMP snooping
Previous articles have discussed the importance of multicast traffic in media networking; it is a key part of how clocking, discovery and content itself are distributed efficiently around a network. 
Nothing shows up
So, you’ve just setup your Dante system. You’ve plugged Dante-enabled devices into network switches, perhaps you’ve made some adjustments to the switches, and then you fire up Dante Controller and see… nothing. Or perhaps you see some devices, but nothing works. That’s not very plug and play. What’s happening? 
An Introduction to IP Streaming
To many people, their first experiences with streaming media has been with television content providers like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and with various apps and platforms on smartphones. The change to streaming media over networks using Internet Protocol (IP) transport has fundamentally changed how media is distributed and consumed by viewers.
Organize It: Naming Dante Devices
Organization becomes an essential part of creating a system that’s easy to use, manage, and troubleshoot as the average system gets larger.