House of Worship

Two of Sun Valley Community Church's five campuses in Gilbert, Arizona recently underwent extensive audio system upgrades to better serve their 8,000 regular attendees and the performers on stage. These upgrades hinged on the KLANG:fabrik audio-mixing system, which integrated seamlessly with the DiGiCo SD8 and SD21 at either campuses and Dante as the common denomenator.

Home of the NBA Thunder basketball team, Oklahoma City’s 581,000-square-foot Chesapeake Energy Arena recently installed a new sound reinforcement system. Seeking sound clarity and coverage as well as system flexibility for an arena that seats more than 19,000 is no easy task, but with Dante providing control and signal routing between the new mixing system, existing DSP, and the Anya loudspeaker arrays via standard Ethernet, the new system couldn't be simpler.

Focusrite RedNet 2, RedNet 4 and RedNet 5 units offer this global Christian media ministry a digital audio ecosystem that seamlessly connects recording studios and isolation/VO booths and interfaceswith a campus-wide Dante™ network infrastructure.

大芝加哥地区是拥有七所礼拜设施的跨教派社区柳溪社区教会的总部。主教堂位于伊利诺伊州南巴灵顿,负责将视频和音频内容发布到教堂的六个卫星位置。柳溪社区这次转型的核心是 Dante 网络,工作人员将用其来简化园区四个不同场馆的布线以及多个音频通道的分配和管理过程。

除了定期礼拜以外,北爱尔兰巴利米纳高柯克长老教会还用作祭祀活动场地,其中许多是针对年轻观众,这在技术上更具挑战性。在过去,这往往意味着要弃用场地内的 PA 系统,而采用其他系统来替代。现在,这些都已经成为过去了,对于内部技术团队来说实在是可喜可贺。

Beltway Park Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas, has enjoyed tremendous growth since 1996, doubling its original building (South Campus) to 80,000 square feet in 2009 and expanding again with the opening of a newly constructed 48,000-sq.-ft. satellite North Campus in March 2015. Both locations use Dante audio networking through Focusrite RedNet interfaces, which enable the distribution, routing and recording of services, praise bands and religious and secular events anywhere within the respective locations.

The Rio Rancho United Methodist Church near Albuquerque, New Mexico is realizing its vision of meeting human needs through open hearts, open minds and open arms by enhancing worship services and special events through a modern, networked AV system that delivers live music and sermons to several locations on campus. Installing Dante has provided a reliable solution to Rio Rancho.

Trinity Episcopal School began as the dream of Austin educator Jane Hill and a small group of parents, who were looking for an Episcopal academic program in a diverse and nurturing environment. The school's exponential growth since 1999 has spurred a succession of construction projects. One of the most recent projects was a new 750-seat multipurpose chapel, and designing a state-of-the-art audio/visual system for it became a challenging project in itself.

River Hills Baptist Church is a growing, vibrant 1500 member congregation in Corpus Christie, Texas. The church expanded into new facilities in February 2011, and the decision was made to invest in state-of-the-art audio and video presentation and recording tools for this new home. They requested the ability to record services and events, and to utilize the power of the popular Pro Presenter software to display worship media at stations around the facility. 

信仰中心教会是位于华盛顿温哥华的非宗派教会,以持续可发展的眼光帮助人们建立强有力的家庭,实现生活的成功并放眼全球。会众组成了一个信仰社区,要为教会成员和整个世界录制原创歌曲 , 这就意味着要以具有成本效益的方式升级他们的模拟音频系统,实现礼拜和表演的实时录制,同时要保留利用其现有的基础设施。

Hylton Memorial Chapel is a nondenominational Christian Event Center that opened in 1995. The facility does not accommodate a local church or congregation on a regular basis. It seats nearly 3500. The facility was designed to host large Christian events and facilitate renewal throughout the region. The chapel sought a full scale renovation that involved a $1.5 million sound system upgrade.