All Mobile Video is adding new remote truck in the fall of 2015 that will house a Studer Vista X and Dante in its stagebox.

Ian Vysick, audio development specialist at AMV:

“We’ve integrated Dante into the vehicle alongside the MADI system, so the vehicle is already ahead of the game and will be ready for all future developments.”

Three Studer Remote Stagebox units will be included in the truck's package, including the D21m Dante I/O card.

“An advantage of this is I’ll be able to work alongside other vendors in adopting Dante. I can talk to PA vendors and intercom vendors and let them know that now that I have a Dante stream inside the venue, they can take my Dante setup and use it as a further tool to integrate the vehicle into the overall system.”

“With the incorporation of Dante, this truck with the Studer Vista X is state-of-the-art and will be ahead the game for years to come.”