Dante Software Support

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Common Dante Software FAQs

The current release of Dante Via for Windows does not support ASIO hardware interfaces. You cannot use Dante Via with Dante PCIe cards. Most other soundcards however support WDM, so you will be able to use those.

Dante Via does support ASIO software interfaces (e.g. from Dante Via to Nuendo).

The Windows device volume control for Dante Via may be turned down or muted.

To adjust the device volume in Windows:

  1. Left-click the speaker icon in your system tray.
  2. Select ‘Mixer’.
  3. Adjust or un-mute the Dante Via volume.

iTunes may be in 'Windows Audio Session' playback mode. For compatibility with Dante Via, iTunes must be set to 'Direct Sound' playback mode.

To change the iTunes playback mode to Direct Sound: 

  1. Open the iTunes Preferences.
  2. Click the Playback tab.
  3. Change the selection for 'Play Audio Using' to 'Direct Sound', and click OK.


  1. Close iTunes.
  2. Stop and close Dante Via.
  3. Open and start Dante Via.
  4. Open iTunes, and play some audio.

iTunes should now appear in your Sources list, and audio should flow correctly.

In Windows, software applications will not appear in the Local Applications areas until they are either actively playing audio (sources), or actively recording or receiving audio (destinations).

Some applications may also need to be configured to use Dante Via as the default input and/or output in order for them to appear in the Dante Via UI.

It is recommended that you start applications after Dante Via is already running. If when you start Dante Via, a running application isn't visible in the Dante Via UI, quit the audio application and restart it. You may also have to play or record audio using the application before it appears in Dante Via.

Submit a Dante Software Support Case

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Audinate does not provide direct technical support to end-users for any Dante hardware products, except the Audinate-branded Dante PCIe-R card and Dante AVIO Adapters.
Support for hardware products is provided by the product manufacturer. If your issue relates to a hardware product, please contact the manufacturer directly (click here for a list of useful OEM contacts).