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Get Started Customizing Designs

We have recently launched this application so this page will be created using your feedback.

Let us know about bugs, missing or inaccurate information, general comments, or feature requests. We’ll evaluate and make changes as we develop this application.

Here are some things to try

  • Start by picking a template from the collection of basic AV environments and select the paper size. (For now, most templates only offer A4 paper size.)
  • Click the different elements on the screen and see how information on the left reflects the structure of Areas > Zones > Sub Zones and Devices of the diagram.
  • Notice how you can increase or decrease the number of Sub Zones and Devices within each
  • Replace the generic devices with actual ones from the extensive Dante-enabled product category available inside the tool
  • Change the number of Sub Zones or Devices within the design
  • Share your designs! Click the sharing icon and a link will be provided to a non-editable version.

Turn on Advanced Mode in the upper right and there are more options to test out

  • If you need more Areas (light blue box), copy an existing one and move it off the original. Hide areas you don’t need.
  • If you don’t need a Zone (white boxes inside blue Areas) you can hide it or change the name.
  • Resize Areas and Zones
  • Add new connections between Sub Zones or edit existing ones

If you want more options than the standard templates provide, start with Flexible Template 1 found at the bottom of All Templates. The Area can be copied, and unlike other templates, these Zones are not restricted to specific types of devices.

A few things to know about the application:

  • Optimized for drawing small to medium-sized systems
  • Doesn’t replace the applications that consultants and integrators use
  • Useful for creating quick sales and training diagrams
  • Helps you understand Dante systems
  • A database of 3,000 products is challenging to maintain!
    • Submit the feedback form if you see inaccurate data or can't find a product that should be listed
    • Product updates will be primarily managed by manufacturers directly to minimize delays and maximize accuracy