Dante Controller v4.2.3.1 (Windows)

Dante Controller v4.2.3.1 for Windows introduces Dante Updater, support for SMPTE 2110-30 RTP audio flows* for DDM-enrolled supporting devices (requires v4.2 firmware), and a range of bug fixes and performance improvements.

* Requires Dante Domain Manager (DDM) v1.1 and v4.2 device firmware. Please talk to your manufacturer regarding firmware availability.

About Dante Updater

Dante Updater is a free desktop application that allows you to update the firmware on Dante hardware devices. It will be installed automatically when you install this version of Dante Controller. To launch Dante Updater, click the new button the main toolbar (shown below).

The Dante Updater application is linked to an online database containing firmware update files for products from multiple manufacturers. When the application is connected to a Dante network, it scans the network and identifies the firmware versions for each discovered Dante device.

If newer firmware for any device is available in the online database, you can update the device using the online file, or download the firmware file to your local machine for offline use. 

For information about using Dante Controller, please see the user guide.

User Guides

What's New: 
  • Dante Updater is now installed with Dante Controller. For more information, see the Dante Updater user guide
  • Dante Controller now notifies the user when new firmware is available for a discovered device
  • Dante Controller now collects anonymous usage data. To disable data collection, go to Help > Analytics
  • Support for multicast flows with more than 8 channels (supporting devices only)
  • Support for SMPTE ST 2110-30 RTP audio flows (DDM networks and supporting devices only)
  • Support for AES67 RTP audio flows for enrolled devices (DDM networks and supporting devices only)
  • For supporting devices, AES67 mode can now be toggled on/off without a device reboot 
  • When first connecting to a DDM server, Dante Controller will display the unique fingerprint for the server. This security mechanism enables you to verify that the DDM server at the specified server name / IP address is the server to which you actually intended to connect. See Viewing Domains in Dante Controller for more information.

See the Dante Controller user guide for more information about new features.

Supported Platforms: 
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7 (SP1)

All operating systems should be updated to the latest available version.


Installing or Updating Dante Controller

To install Dante Controller you will need to be logged on with administrator privileges.

Note: You do not need to uninstall the previous version before installing this update.

To install Dante Controller:

  • Ensure you are logged on to your computer as an administrator.
  • Navigate to and double-click the downloaded Dante Controller installer file.
  • Read the license agreement. If you agree to the terms, select the 'I agree' checkbox and click Install.
  • If you do not agree to the terms, click Close.
  • Confirm / acknowledge any Windows security prompts that are displayed.


Release Date: 
Thursday, August 1, 2019

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Bug Fixes: 
  • CM-248: DC handles gracefully some network configurations that caused it to crash
  • CM-231: DC can load presets files from folder with # in their name
  • CM-277: CTRL-E shortcut key for 'Show Hidden Devices' operates on legacy devices only
  • CM-309: The formatting of the values in the droplist on the Controls tab for AVIO AI and AO devices is consistent.
  • CM-220: Fixed incorrect device list display with virtual secondary network interface selected
  • CM-22: Interface selection window now correctly shows when the network interface is locked
  • CM-413: Colons in device names no longer crash Dante Controller when viewed in a DDM domain (but are blocked for new names)
  • CM-240: Dante Controller now displays the correct number of channels per flow when the channel count is less than the normal per-flow amount
  • CM-124: DC transmit channel labels can no longer contain backslash
  • CM-218: Fixed Windows firewall issues (correct permissions are now applied on install)
  • CM-593: DC uses local time in log files
  • DANTEIP-381: DC handles AES67 flows with more than 10 channels
  • PRS-276: Dante Application Library: audio is restored on restart
  • CM-1404: Delete key works on Transmit pane
  • CM-1386: Improvements to multicast flow creation window 
Known Issues: 
  • CM-1379: On a computer configured with two link-local network ports, devices don't initially display in Dante Controller. Workaround: restart Dante Controller.
  • CM-1401: On Windows computers configured with a large font size, the Dante Controller application starts partially off-screen. 
  • CM-1402: DDM interop: Dante Controller incorrectly allows enrolled Brooklyn II devices at v4.0.9.2 firmware to create AES67 flows. Workaround: Reboot the Brooklyn II device.
  • CM-1424: DDM interop: The 'Create Multicast Flow' dialog incorrectly reports support for 64 channels / flow for SMPTE configs that only support 8.
  • CM-1432: DDM interop: Dante Controller shows SMPTE clock domains 1, 2 and 3 as sample rate pull-up clock domains in the clocking status tab.